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The world is on the brink of a very new digital value market

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Our mission

Digital Original embarked on a transformative global mission to revolutionize the art world by establishing a new digital standard for artistic expression across all collections and galleries.
We believe in opening a boundless window for art into the digital realm, transcending physical limitations and expanding artistic horizons. Our ultimate goal is to digitize every piece of physical art, regardless of its current form or location, ensuring its eternal presence and accessibility.


DIGITAL Original

This advanced digitalization standard is designed to maintain the originality, authenticity, and value of physical artworks in the digital realm. According to this standard, we digitize even the tiniest details like textures and strokes, record artworks on a blockchain to establish the immutable origin, and provide centralized art monetization.


Digital Light Capture Technology

Special Photographic procedure developed by Digital Original™ company to capture the highest resolution and dynamic range of images. Requires certified equipment, lightning process, quality control.


The Digital Original™ is registered in the blockchain with its price in ETH, equivalent to the value of the physical original at the time of digitization. There is only one Digital Original™ (DO) that corresponds to one Physical Original (PO), creating a direct link between the two versions.
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Our platform provides a robust ecosystem for ensuring transparent provenance, directly engaging potential buyers, and going through authentic exhibition experiences in virtual space.
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    Blockchain storage

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    Art management system

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    Gallery VR Space


  • Direct cooperation with galleries and art curators
  • Only verified art sales
  • User-friendly catalog for presenting and selling art
  • Visual and Meta Recommendations
  • Curated projects and reviews
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Art management system

  • Art collection cataloging
  • Accessibility and distribution management
  • Sales support and analytics
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Gallery VR Space

  • Individual virtual Art-space
  • The unique virtual art space where users will get an entirely new way to interact with Art


Our vision is based on the following principles

  • Digitization and preservation of cultural heritage around the world.
  • New opportunities and tools for the development of the art market
  • Zero tolerance for the illegal art market
  • Equal opportunities for participants in the art ecosystem
  • Commitment to global compliance: SEC, KYC, GDPR-CCPA, FTC.

This standardization is demonstrating its transformative potential for museums, galleries, collectors, and artists around the world. Art digitization, preservation, and new tools for interacting with it are the solution to many problems in an ever-changing world, which ensures the availability and durability of these treasures, protecting them from the ravages of time and unforeseen disasters.

For future generations, the DO standard provides the privilege of witnessing the splendor of the past while preserving artistic heritage like never before.

Digital Original Team

We are art connoisseurs who transform their love, skills, and knowledge into the well-being of galleries and collectors.

Anna Filippova

Chief Executive Officer

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Kateryna Tsyhykalo

Assistant Chief Executive Officer

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Yuliia Berdiiarova

Assistant Chief Executive Officer

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Yegor Shustik


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Maryna Volokhova

Product Designer

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Oleksandr Demyter

UI/UX Designer

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Vladyslav Husakov

Chief technology officer

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Volodymyr Beliy

Blockchain Developer

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Kirylo Yanushpolsky

Marketing manager

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