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The world is on the brink of a very new digital value market

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Our mission

Digital Original is evolving the traditional art market by bridging the physical and digital worlds. We provide a new-gen standard to ensure mass adoption among galleries for decades ahead.

Digital Original

Digital Original represents the next generation of tokenized physical artworks, offering collectors new experience of ownership and exhibition. With our technology, galleries can convert physical artworks into unique and equivalent digital originals.


Digital Light Capture Technology

Special Photographic procedure developed by Digital Original™ company to capture the highest resolution and dynamic range of images. Requires certified equipment, lightning process, quality control.


The Digital Original™ is registered in the blockchain with its price in USDC
, equivalent to the value of the physical original at the time of digitization. There is only one Digital Original™ (DO) that corresponds to one Physical Original (PO), creating a direct link between the two versions.
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Digital Original is based on components that make possible to create, exhibit, and trade tokenized physical artworks.
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    DLCT Technology

  • 02

    Gallery Store

  • 03

    Art Management System

  • 04

    Gallery XR Space

Gallery Store

  • Create own fully controlled store for tokenise art
  • Chose which artworks to tokenise and present
  • Invite your collectors for review and offer them new ownership experience
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Art Management System

  • Set up your gallery account
  • Upload, store and manage artworks
  • Convert art into digital originals
  • Keep track of market trends and changes
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Extended Digital Space

  • Personal digital space with XR
  • Unique preview presentations
  • Public and private collections


Our vision is based on the following principles

  • Increase sales and cut CO2 emissions.
  • Smart contracts ensure transparency for all actors.
  • A legally protected ownership model safeguards copyrights.
  • Enhance our tech in sync with the latest innovations.

Art Market Evolution: In recent years, the traditional art market has experienced a profound transformation. This sector has overlooked the escalating demand for digital offerings, as well as a noticeable shift in power towards consumers. There's a pressing need for the art market to modernize by embracing new opportunities and adapting to the evolving needs and expectations.

Digital Original Team

We are art connoisseurs who transform their love, skills, and knowledge into the well-being of galleries and collectors.

Anna Filippova

Chief Executive Officer

Yuliia Berdiiarova

Head of International Partnerships

Yegor Shustik


Maryna Volokhova

Product Designer

Oleksandr Demyter

UI/UX Designer

Vladyslav Husakov

Chief Technology Officer

Volodymyr Beliy

Blockchain Developer

Kirylo Yanushpolsky

Marketing manager

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